VETIVERIM Newsletters
        Vetiverim is an official quarterly newsletter of the Pacific Rim Vetiver Network. It is published by the Office of the Royal Development Projects Board, Bangkok, and distributed free of charge to individuals / institutions working on vetiver of the Network's member countries. Application for membership can be made by writing to the Secretariat, giving name, place of work, and mailing address. Below is the list of the Vetiverim Newsletters published up till now, together with the editorial titles.

Number 1 July 1997
The Third International Conference on Vetiver and Exhibition (ICV-3)

Number 2 October 1997
The awarding of TVN Certificate of Merit

Number 3 January 1998
Formerly damaged and covered with rubbish of filled by sledges

Number 4 April 1998
Using Vetiver for Pollution Control

Number 5 July 1998
Proceedings of the International Conference on Vetiver

Number 6 October 1998
Amazing Vetiver Grass

Number 7 January 1999
The Third Thai National Workshop on Vetiver

Number 8 April 1999
The Second International Conference on Vetiver

Number 9 July 1999
From Myanmar with Love

Number 10 October 1999
The Use of Vetiver in Non-Agricultural Sector

Number 11 January 2000
Welcome to ICV-2

Number 12 April 2000
What did we accomplish during ICV-2?

Number 13 July 2000
A Feature in Our Cup

Number 14 October 2000
Princess' Patronage

Number 15 January 2001
Vetiver Glossary

Number 16 April 2001
Pesticide Role of Vetiver

Number 17 July 2001
Global Warming

Number 18 October 2001
The Role of Vetiver in Flood Control

Number 19 January 2002
From China with Love

Number 20 April 2002
Vetiver Network Acronyms

Number 21 July 2002
Vernacular Names of Vetiver

Number 22 October 2002
The King of Thailand Vetiver Awards

Number 23 January 2003
The Fourth Thai National Conference on Vetiver

Number 24 April 2003
The Private Sector and Vetiver Development

Number 25 July 2003
SARS and ICV-3

Number 26 October 2003
The Third International Conference on Vetiver

Number 27 January 2004
What did we achieve at ICV-3?

Number 28 April 2004
Why and Why Not Vetiver?

Number 29 July 2004
From Venezuela with Love

Number 30 October 2004
Vetiver Newsletter

Number 31 January 2005
Can vetiver relieve Tsunami disaster?

Number 32 April 2005
Regional Conference on Vetiver (RCV)

Number 33 July 2005
The King of Thailand Vetiver Awards, 4th Series

Number 34 October 2005
The Conferences on Vetiver

Number 35 January 2006
What did we achieve in TNCV-5?

Number 36 April 2006
What did we achieve in RCV-1?

Number 37 July 2006
Proposal for ICV-5

Number 38 October 2006
The Fourth International Conference on Vetiver

Number 39 January 2007
What did we achieve at ICV-4?

Number 40 April 2007
The Unique Vetiver Roots

Number 41 July 2007

Number 42 October 2007
Special Issue in Memory of Diti Hengchaovanich:
A Tribute to the Father of the Vetiver Bioengineering Technology

Number 43 January 2008
The First Indian National Workshop on Vetiver System

Number 44 April 2008
Vetiver System and Groundwater Recharge

Number 45 July 2008
Is Vetiver Grass an Invasive Plant?

Number 46 October 2008
Lawn Grass, Bamboo and Vetiver

Number 47 January 2009
Vetiver Hedges vs Hedgrows

Number 48 April 2009
From Cochin to Addis Ababa

Number 54 October 2010
International Conference on Vetiver

Number 55 January 2011
From Chile with Love

Number 56 April 2011
Look-See-Understand at Vetiver

Number 57 July 2011
Steel Rods are like Vetiver Roots

Number 58 October 2011
The Fifth International Conference on Vetiver

Number 59 January 2012
What did we achieve at ICV-5?

Number 60 April 2012
Bareroot or Polybag?

Number 61 July 2012
Good Things Do Happen in This World!

Number 62 October 2012
From Vietnam With Love

Number 63 January 2013
Vetiver Phytoremediation

Number 64 April 2013
Unique property of Vetiver: Drought Tolerance

Number 65 July 2013
Unique property of Vetiver: Fire Tolerance

Number 66 October 2013
Unique property of Vetiver: Salt Tolerance

Number 67 January 2014
Unique property of Vetiver: Water-logged Tolerance

Number 68 April 2014
From the Philippines with love

Number 69 July 2014
From Bang Saen with love

Number 70 October 2015
Ecotype vs Variety of Vetiver

Number 71 January 2015
Vetiver Fights Back

Number 72 April 2015
The Sixth International Conference on Vetiver

Number 73 July 2015
What Did We Achieve at ICV-6?

Number 74 October 2015
Extreme Slope Stabilization

Number 75 January 2016
Using Vetiver Seed for Multiplication